I believe that our country has digressed so far due to the lack of civility and godliness in our political arena. Rather than governing and making the hard decisions that some may not like, many politicians have turned, what I believe a sacred position, into a reelection campaign thereby causing people to pick teams. When people pick teams, they often hurt one another to win. Our leaders are put into those positions to do what is best for the country not just themselves. It means being the mature person and not always being liked for what you do but doing what is best for the country as a whole.

We need to get back to sitting at the table and having intelligent discourse again.

A return to civility and godliness is necessary in our political arena so that intelligent decisions can be made that benefits all the electors. It should be a forgone conclusion that those in authority should be building a foundation of hope, not of division.

Texans are a proud family of values and morals; therefore, their government should reflect the same. My vision is a body of governance that puts the human touch and grace back to the forefront again. We owe it to the following generations to restore sanctity of life and integrity back into the halls of power.

Several months after our own tragedy, I felt compelled to try and enter the conversation more. Then, after the shootings in El Paso and Dayton I saw the immediate politicization of the people and victims. That event galvanized me to the idea that someone needed to be a voice for the people again. The humanity aspect, the simple touch of human to human being the setting of a foundation for healing was missing.

Those who had leadership capabilities and had high authority to accomplish this, instead went in, and rather than going and putting political ideologies to the side for a while and building a foundation of healing for the people, they just made them into political pawns in an election chess game, spouting their talking points.

I believe that, with this continuous bid for re-election within our halls of power, people have been pushed into fractured compartments and they just become a number in an election machine. Humanity has been pushed aside for the purpose of building egos and furthering careers.

These are incredibly important issues to all Texans. 

We cannot continue to use these issues to embolden political 'camps,' or the 'us vs. them' mentality. We cannot afford to allow our conversations to get clouded by personal attacks and false narratives, simply to support a political office.

I pray that all my fellow Texas will feel free to share with me in this endeavor of keeping Texas as our country’s pinnacle of family, faith, and prosperity. And, I look forward getting better acquainted with families and businesses in our district, as well as truly listening to their concerns and ideas. 



Firearm Legislation

There are those who continue to look for something to blame such as the inanimate objects rather than accepting responsibility for the previous failed legislation. In reality these shootings all across America are symptoms of a much larger problem facing America: character and moral issues as a society. As a Second Amendment advocate, I cannot think of any specific gun control measure on the table that I would support, but I am open to having dialogue with fellow legislators about workable policies that respect law-abiding citizens' rights to legally owned firearms. 

I believe that the only restrictions that should be in place are those that keep firearms out of the hands of those who have been convicted of: committing violent acts against others, making criminal threats of violence, gun-related crimes or other felonies, or adjudicated as mentally unstable - all of which while respecting the right to due process. 


I believe life is a sacred gift that begins at conception. I do not believe any taxpayer money should be utilized to fund Planned Parenthood or any other abortion providers, and we should strive to abolish all nonessential abortions. Sanctity of life should be taught, and that includes from the womb to the tomb. All ages, creeds, and demographics are important and none should be deemed unworthy because of inconvenience.

Religious Liberty

I believe that we should uphold & protect the rights and freedoms of individuals, organizations and businesses, to exercise their sincerely held religious beliefs in their peaceful individual and business practices and reject all persecution of persons exercising their commitments to their faith. 

Immigration vs. Illegal Immigration

While our federal office holders debate the many things that needs to be done about our border, we in Texas need to continue to fund and optimize the implements needed to coordinate the efforts of federal, state and local law enforcement agencies to better protect our southwest border, so that they may be able to respond to evolving threats and violence associated with drug and human trafficking, weapons smuggling, terrorism, arms trades, illegal cash flow, and contraband movement across our nation's borders. We need to allocate funds for new border security technology, since our agents are being spread out over so great an area because of failed federal policy. I commit to doing all I can to support cutting-edge science and technology programs to protect the southwest border, through effective, modern day law enforcement methods and giving our fine men and women in uniform what they need to accomplish their mission. 

Property Tax Reform

I would like to sit and discuss with lawmakers what would be the best way to lower taxes on all constituents however also realizing that it takes funds to supply services. I have read the latest and final version of the bill passed in the last legislative session titled the Texas Property Tax Reform and Transparency Act, and it appears to have several provisions intended to add flexibility around the reduced election trigger. If signed into law, the measure would require cities, counties and other taxing units to receive voter approval before raising 3.5% more property tax revenue than the previous year. Community colleges and hospital districts will need to hold an election before surpassing 8% property tax revenue growth. These are all good steps, however more could possibly be done. If elected to office where all information is made known, possibly we can come together on more savings passed on to the taxpayer.

Energy & Environment

Texas, as a sovereign country, would rank 10th in the world and it ranks first in the U.S. for current economic climate thanks to strong employment and gross state product growth. (Forbes) We need to continue to shore up and invest, in both the resources that we have been blessed with, and any new technology that will help Texas to continue as a lighthouse to the rest of the nation. We also have a rich heritage of farming and ranching in Texas, thereby making agriculture something that needs to be protected, both for our security, and so that future generations can continue to hunt and fish and enjoy the blessings of Texas. We need to take a common sense approach to building wisely upon the environment that God has blessed Texans with. 


Ethics - Term Limits

Government is meant to be by the people, for the people. A lack of transparency and accountability have enabled career politicians to take advantage and profit from their elected office. This has resulted in pay-to-play politics and policies that serve special interests and politicians over taxpayers. We see this clear as day in ever-rising property taxes that benefit local governments who spend millions lobbying our legislature but hurt property owners. We need to put an end to career politicians and the stranglehold special interests have on Austin. As a pastor, I am committed to transparency and limiting the size and scope of government so we can enjoy our God-given freedoms.

Education - Increasing Quality/Expanding Access

Our public-school system has great teachers and great students, but the massive bureaucracy of the public-school system has resulted in worse outcomes and limited access. Liberal professors and Ph.Ds. forcing us to teach the theory of evolution over the word of God is wrong. It should be the role of government to get out of the way so parents can make the decisions best for their children. We don't need the federal government or state government telling us how to best govern our own children. We should give parents who cannot afford private school the opportunity to choose, either by voucher or charter school, to send their children to be educated where they deem the best opportunities are offered - such as schools that teach theories equally and without political bias, where their children can truly exercise an open mind and seek out knowledge rather than being indoctrinated by the political agendas of one specific institution. We should be bringing the free market, and the increased competition and performance that comes with it, to the educational system in Texas. 

Healthcare - Expanding Options & Access/Reducing Cost

The federal government has absolutely failed Texans on healthcare. Our premiums are rising, our options are limited, and competition is nearly non-existent. With the implementation of Obamacare, taxpayers and business owners have suffered. Many lost their previous health care coverage or access to their preferred doctor. Some had their hours cut or were downright fired so businesses could avoid the financial burden imposed by Obamacare. This was a ploy by liberal Democrats to move us closer and closer to a socialized healthcare system. As the pastor helping the survivors and families through the healing of the Sutherland Springs shooting, I know firsthand how important quality healthcare is. In the Texas Senate, I will fight to bring more competition in the insurance industry to Texas, increased access, and lower costs with every tool in the state legislature's power.


What is important to you?

Many other issues are important to our community members, families and businesses. We welcome you to connect with Pastor Frank about what matters most to you.

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