What Matters

Bringing Back Civility & Godliness

   Rather than governing, many politicians have turned what I believe to be a sacred position into a game, thereby causing people to pick teams rather than converse about what is the overall good. And, when people pick teams, they often hurt one another to gain a win, rather than working with one another so that all can come through this life better and the generations that follow have more to build upon

As Texas Goes, So Goes the Nation

 Texas, I believe, sits on a precipice. She can fall to the wave of immorality and lack of integrity that is sweeping our nation, or people can stand up and act like adults and govern with civility and godliness. Lasting decisions are those that are not done through emotions but sitting down and intelligently conversing and coming to the mature decision that reaches to the true issue being discussed. 

Get Involved

Pastor Frank needs the help of like-minded neighbors like you! Your help sharing his vision with others, working with campaign activities and donating are all ways of helping us achieve our goals together. 

Texas Senate District 21 Map

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